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How to Use Website Proxy to Access Blocked Websites?

To understand what a proxy website is, let us suppose, that you are A, and you want to convey your talk to C and that you do it via a person B, this means B conveys your talk and you do not talk directly, so B is a proxy. The middle person who communicates with the actual person is the proxy. This way you are not directly involved in anything.

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Website Proxy Features

Website proxy has many features, functions and attributes. The best website proxy gives a security; the securities translate the talks between the user and the website proxy. This security has the ability to access all the websites that are blocked.

Ban on YouTube in a few countries has increased the demand for the proxy websites which work as an agent in sending your request to the web servers. They are able to bypass the filtered gateway, and thus a controlled website can be unblocked in no time and in a simple way.

Why to Use Website Proxy?

Website proxy is used for many reasons; some of the reasons are as follows;

•    For hiding your online identity
•    For having a secure connection from the hackers around
•    For securing your personal information
•    To be anonymous over the internet
•    For the educational reasons

websites unblocker
Some of the main features of proxies for unblocking websites are defined below;

1.    It is fast, easy and safe to use.
2.    The proxy sites have powerful servers.
3.    They can be used free of cost.
4.    You can easily maintain and guard your privacy by hiding your genuine IP address.

There is a very good and efficient proxy named as InstantUnblock (http://instantunblock.com/). This proxy helps a million people on a daily basis to access the sites like blocked websites YouTube and Facebook.

Features of InstantUnblock

It is a well-known and free proxy among people, and people trust it. It has a high speed for unblocking the websites and anyone, without any trouble, can access blocked websites.

websites unblocker
If you want to use the
website proxy site, it is very easy and simple. All you have to do is that you copy and paste the URL of the blocked site that is the YouTube or Facebook into the search box of the proxy site. After entering URL of the desired website, press the ‘Unblock Website’ button and you the website will open in an instant with InstantUnblock.
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